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About Us

We are a Multi-asset & Multi-strategy Quantitative Algorithmic Hedge Fund, with a solid track record since the beginning in 2007.

Led by one of the best traders in the world, we have achieved an average annual net return of +23% since inception.

We offer two portfolios, which cover a wide range of investor profiles and objectives.

Our portfolios are listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange as ETPs. This allows investors worldwide to access our products in a quick, safe and simple way.

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Key Values

Aligned with clients

Our profits come solely from the earnings we generate for our clients.

Evidence Based

Historical data is the foundation for the development of our proprietary algorithms

Tested Portfolios

We don't experiment on people; instead, we offer clients portfolios that have been exhaustively tested beforehand.

Head Portfolio Manager

Ivan Scherman


He holds Chartered Market Technician and Certified Financial Technician designations. The SEC has labeled him as a Large Trader since 2014. He has been managing third-parties funds for more than 20 years. 

Over the span of his extensive career he has refined his expertise in specialized areas including Risk Management, Data Science, Financial Engineering and Statistics at esteemed institutions like the London Business School, the ARPM Lab of the Stern School of Business at NYU and the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Nowadays Ivan Scherman is one of the most successful audited traders in the world, according to the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading® where he has been in the top five every single time he participated.

At Emerge Funds Investments Ivan Scherman has assembled an extraordinary team of professionals who embody the company’s core values and goals. Member of the Chartered Market Technician Association, the International Federation of Technical Analysis (IFTA), and the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII).

TOP5 in the 2023 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading – Click here
El trader que utiliza IA para fondo
de inversiones en el mercado global.
Emerge Funds Investments vislumbra un escenario
optimista en el mercado hacia finales de 2023

Strategic Partners

What we do

Hedge Fund
100% algorithmic trading


Our company trades solely on the basis of known events.

To do so, we seek to discover patterns of behavior that occur regularly in a multiplicity of assets, over the years, in all existing scenarios.

When our systems do not recognize current market events, they cease trading and stay out of the market, awaiting new opportunities

    Equity Portfolio


    Positive years: 15 (93.7%)
    Negative years: 1 (6.3%)

    Listed in the Vienna Stock Exchange – Click here

    YTD net return: +32.12%

    Last 3 years avg return: +14.6%
    Last 5 years avg return: +10.4%
    Last 10 years avg return: +12.7%
    Last 15 years avg return: +20.6%

    Equity Curve 2007 – 2023